Mystery Shopping Mystery Shopping

Restaurants and Hotels
Shopping Centres / Motorway Service Centres
Commercial and Corporate Commercial and Corporate

Theft by employee
Employee absenteeism
Business fraud evidence gathering
Pre-employment screening
Solicitors' Services Solicitors' Services

Tracing missing persons for debts/wills
Matrimonial and relationship investigations
Fraud evidence gathering
Insurance fraud
Benefits Agency investigations
Welcome to the homepage of AstonCovert.

Our aim is to provide your company with information.

We operate in many sectors: if your business is Retail we can help with mystery shopping to provide video evidence of how your staff actually interreact with your customers. A similar service is available for corporations with reception or other customer- facing departments. We also help corporations with concerns about the behaviour of their own staff, ie pilfering, absenteeism etc. The use of covert DVD recording equipment gives you irrefutable evidence.
Mystery Shopping Commercial and Corporate Solicitors' Services
Information, as they say, is everything. Without it how do you know if your staff need training or promoting..?

We can supply the information in a discreet and professional manner, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
covert surveillance
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